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Make it so like Uhc games are every 3-6 Hours cooldown so each timezone has a try at playing.


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Hi, I don't think that is a very good idea as there wouldn't be a lot of players each game. In my opinion it's better when its once every 17th hour. That way more people play each game and it will be more "exciting" yk?.. But as a UHC lover I get that it would be cool with UHC games more often!

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Could be possible to make them more often yes but 3-6 sounds abit too often UHC is known as a game thats like koth. and the longer u got to wait for each game the harder people want to win it. in my opinion atleast. making it 3-6hours it wont stay 'special'
even tho I dont really play uhc so I could be saying something stupid.



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Theres no point in making them more often, its 17 hours so that every hour through out the schedule so that each hour has a uhc through out the times. Its basically done in a way so every hour gets a uhc at some point, I dont see it necessary to increase the amount of uhc or shortening the time because they need to base it off MCC games so it doesnt overlap etc. If its often less players would play and it wouldnt be as fun.

- Tomato


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I think how its currently setup is good for the community to play. I dont think a change would be a good idea.


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UHC Team
Make it so like Uhc games are every 3-6 Hours cooldown so each timezone has a try at playing.
i personally think it would make the games have less fills as there’s just so many people would get bored, having the 17 hour gap means it’s playable for everyone at certain times at different days to make it fair and it runs in a cycle, having it every 3 hours would make people get bored of uhc and stop playing bcus it’s so consistent. personally i don’t agree with ur idea