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Player Report Guidelines

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KrypticMC Developer
Staff member

If a user is noticed breaking any of the server rules, a player report ticket can be created here to have the user punished by a staff member. In order to submit a sufficient report make sure you follow these points down below.

Evidence must be provided (Screenshots or video evidence).
Reports for in-game offenses must include the sub-server and realm in the report description
Any screenshots must be full screen, and not cropped in any way.
Any provided videos must be under three minutes- providing timestamps of offenses in videos is very helpful.
Evidence can be up to 2 weeks old.
Video evidence cannot be edited (slowing down the video, blurring things etc.)
You can only report up to 3 players in a report.
Offenders username must be visible in the provided evidence.
Forum offenses must provide a link to where the offense occurred.
All recordings must be made with a screen-capture software.
Falsely reporting another user on purpose will result in the reporter receiving the same punishment that the reported user would have received. More than 1 false report can result in a permanent ban.

Also please remember that a Reports Team member will reply to your report as soon as possible. Creating multiple reports and spam replying to existing reports will result in report privileges being revoked.
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