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Kryptic mc reset


New member
When is the reset going to be, is there like a certain time that it’s going to be in? Right now would be time to reset in my opinion as mcc is not doing too good on kitpvp and it doesn’t average many, kryptic is honestly more active that mcc and it has less issues.


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the issue right now is that we have our hands tied with UHC and UHC meetup, we want to make sure UHC is fully complete with no issues and want to release meetup before we move on to kitpvp. another big issue is that many players have exams right now so we think the best time to reset would be in about a months' time. rest assured we have big things planned for next season but i can't say much as i need to wait and see how they turn out, ofc we'd also love to hear all of your suggestions.