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kitpvp events


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i feel like brining different events towards kitpvp would be much more fun ive heard staff have already discussed it but , it should be brought and that its more like a similar type of think with invaded where you can maybe when a /event host from the myth crate/ancient crate and that gives a player to host events with of course like a 24h cooldown but in doing so this means events can be held at anytime so staff should make a seperate crate where the loot is not as great as a myth key / ancient keys loot due to the fact that this can be held at anytime and anyone can win so making it that the loot is on average , but also making it that you can get an insane win like possibily a rank if u dont already have it giving rookies chances to win ranks and etc


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Hi there!
I believe bringing new events would be a spectacular idea as it would innovate new fun ways to play the game. I am able to say this when the reset comes, there will be a bunch of new content in KitPvP and perhaps a possibility of having new events.
Personally, the execution of InvadedLands on events is brilliant and Kryptic should take some things from Invaded and implement it onto the server. For example, the possibility of being able to host certain events like sumo and waterdrop when you have a certain rank would be awesome and I will definitely bring that up. For now, though, Kryptic is focused on having a smooth transition for the upcoming KitPvP reset as well as the release of the Prison and Multiverse subserver.
I hope you have a great day!


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thank you! glad to hear some staff agree with my ideas focusing on things the player base and possibily staff think is a good idea would be wonderful to have and also implementing things the players want could possibily bring a more people increasing our player base