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Information A Guide to Help Achieve Helper

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~ Guide to Becoming [Helper] ~
This guide will ensure that you will achieve the Helper rank in an orderly fashion with the help of yours truly, Vanks.

- Reports -
Reporting players ingame and on the forums is vital for your path towards the staff team. Doing so before and after your application will only increase your chances of being accepted. Below are some examples:​

  • Some of the user's reports are throughout the month while the rest are from a good while back - This example shows that you were committed a good while back whereas now you have stopped/lost motivation. This is something the staff team does not need.
  • The user that has applied has not reported since 2 months ago and has stopped since - This example along with the first example both go to show that you are unmotivated and/or not active. This is something the staff team does not need.
  • The user has been actively reporting throughout the past few months and is still doing so after the application - In this example, the user is motivated and active on the KrypticMC network and forums. This is something the staff team needs.
Reporting and recording players not only clears the server from rulebreakers, but proves that you are an active user who is dedicated in helping the server's experience.

- Forum Activity -
Like reporting players, it is required you are active on the forums. The requirement as an applicant is 20 forum posts. Now now, don't cheer just yet, these posts have to be thought through and tampered with until you are comfortable and certain with what you have. Again, don't cheer just yet, the twenty posts can't be from a while back, this shows you have lost motivation while playing on the KMC network. Some posts would have to be very recent for you to be considered. Listed below are two examples of what is good and what is bad.​

  • Post: "I do not like Hillary Clinton at all! She is a corrupt woman!" - Applicant's response: "I agree! Wow she very much is corrupt." -- Even though this is a post, the applicant did not use detail or put a lot of effort into the post. Also, a response by the applicant in the off topic category of the forums is very much accepted. Everyone has their own opinion on things like politics, school, transgenders, blacks, whites etc. Going too far by bringing racism into the picture is not accepted though.
  • Post: "I do not like Hillary Clinton at all! She is a corrupt woman!" - Applicant's response: "I do agree with this post. However , it is very common throughout politics that the media creates an idea that one of the politicians is corrupt. This can be seen as how Trump is marked as a racist white. where he very much could be the good guy. It is always good to see that people would take their time to focus on politics. Anyways, cheers to you, I am going to go play KMC now." -- As you can see, the applicant used detail and put their mind into the response. This is sought out for on the staff team as it shows that the user is thoughtful and aware of what they are saying.
Before you jump to the next topic on this thread, remember to have your posts be evenly distributed. Having 1 post recent before your application with the other 19 from a few months back, your chances of being accepted fall.

- Ingame Activity -
The ingame activity of an applicant is considered more then important. This is due to the fact that as a staff member, you must be active on each and every minigame, spending a certain amount of time on kitpvp as well. I will list below the minimum requirements an applicant must have.​

  • 1000 minutes spent on kitpvp - This has got to be the most important requirement. Kitpvp is where cheaters are most likely going to be. Make sure that these 1000 minutes are not spent afk, as that is very bad exploit.
  • 500 minutes spent on mingames - Let's say that KMC has a total of 5 minigames. In order for you to qualify as a staff member, you must have 100 minutes on minigame 1, 100 on minigame 2, 100 on minigame 3, 100 on minigame 4 and 100 on minigame 5. As you can see, the amount of minutes adds up to 500.
Be sure to pay attention when playing the minigames, and when playing kitpvp. We would like our staff to have a very good idea of what our server is like. Furthermore, it is always good to know the in's and out's of the minigames just in case a KMC player has a question.

- Discord Activity -
Being an active user on the KMC discord is not as essential as other topics on this thread, but is looked out for. Be sure as an applicant that you are active on the KMC #support channel, as well as other channels to socialize and express yourself.

Another thing to look out for is that you don't spend all of your time on the support channel. Reporting hackers and rulebreakers is fun I know, but we would like to see that you can accomplish other tasks such as recording the hacker/rulebreaker and uploading it to your channel.

Remember that you are always free to @ a staff member when you are in the support channel. Make sure that your message contains important context if it's a bhopper or any other type of hacker, you should mention that the hacker is causing a lot of trouble and should be banned immediately.

- Maturity-
Being mature is not only professional, but is healthy for you and others. It is very important that each applicant is mature and has a good knowledge about common sense. To ensure the maturity in applicants, I will list examples of what being mature and what being immature looks like.


  • Applicant is remaining calm during KMC discord and/or server issues - This includes things such as arguments, glitches, riots etc.
  • Applicant responds to players in a professional and confident manner - Even though the applicant has not yet been accepted, it is always nice to see users speak with confidence and authority.
  • Applicant avoids use of profanity - This is an aspect of using common sense. Some other examples could be to not expose other staff members when they are in staff mode, do not brag that you are staff or that you applied, don't take your anger out on users, tell the truth even if you have to say "I don't know", and using manners when necessary (please, thank you, you're welcome.)

  • Applicant shows panic when an issue occurs in the KMC discord or server - To follow the statement, the user actively shows this panic by speaking in chat. This is not wanted on the staff team.
  • Applicant responds to players without being professional - Although this won't affect you that much , it is always healthy to speak with confidence and authority.
  • Applicant uses profanity - Even though KMC is not christian, curse words are a big no no when it comes to staff. Speaking to KMC users with profanity shows immaturity. Pretty self explanatory.

A lot of common sense is used when on the staff team. Please be on the look out for how you act when with other staff, and when you are pvping.

- Punishments -
Your past punishments could effect your application's result. With a handful of mutes, warns and bans on your account, your chances of being accepted fall greatly.​

  • Severity 1 Offenses - You must wait 1 month after receiving a severity 1 punishment
  • Severity 2 Offenses - You must wait 1 month after receiving a mute, and 2 months after receiving a ban punishment
  • Severity 3 Offenses - You must wait 6 months after receiving a severity 3 punishment

- Knowledge -
An important aspect of our staff is the knowledge that they have on the server. On the path towards joining the staff team, it is expected that you have a good amount of knowledge on the rules. to Listed below are some things to consider before you apply.​

  • Rules -
  • Interview Stage - In the case you are accepted, the interview is a breeze and should not be worried about at all. Remember to be yourself at all times and be ready to discuss about yourself, the server and more.
  • Questions - Asking question is always accepted but can sometimes be overdone. It is recommended that you run the question with yourself multiple times before you conclude that a member on the staff team can help you.
  • Chatreports and Reports - Chat and regular reporting are both quality actions that are simple and helpful. However, if you have more denied reports than accepted, your chances of being accepted will fall. Be sure to have more accepted reports then denied as it will increase the chances of being accepted.
  • Become Familiar With the Rules - This is pretty self explanatory but in the case you are confused. make sure that you are very, very familiar with the KMC rules to form the best staff possible.

Remember to enjoy your time and have fun while you are on the path towards joining the staff team. When you are following this guideline, it is very likely that you will get bored or tired. Just do not forget that in the end, Minecraft is a very fun game and your life is much more precious then a position on the staff team.

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