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9th September 2021 - UHC Changelog

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UHC was due for some new updates :):oops:
Major Content Changes
- Each UHC game now has three scenarios (the third scenario is always one of: Vein Miner, Hastey Boys, Risky Mining, Cut Clean, Notchless)
- Added 'Deathmatch Replay' system to rewatch any previous deathmatch game (only works for games after today)
- Added 'Voting Villager' to receive multipliers to make UHC coins easier to get
- Five brand new scenarios have been added to UHC
- Players cannot change their IP address during a UHC game
- UHC is now 10 minutes shorter (80 Minutes -> 70 Minutes)
- UHC border is now 1000x1000 instead of 1500x1500
- You can now view your monthly, yearly, and lifetime stats
- Kills Top has been dramatically revamped
- Receive UHC coins for kills & for winning the game
- You can now choose your rewards with /Rewards
- You can now link your UHC account to discord using /Link
Miscellaneous Changes
- Fixed many minor bugs
- Players render distance has been increased
- Golden Heads you get from Loot Crates now stack
- Mystery Scenario reveals itself at deathmatch
- Players are no longer invincible in the PvP Arena
- Added many new UHC cosmetics
- Andesite, diorite, and granite no longer spawn in the world

New Scenarios
It's not a memorable update without new scenarios. We have spent hours implementing new scenarios, which have been graciously suggested by our community. Below, are the newest additions. Each scenario is compatible with the current scenarios and will work with each team size. We believe these additions will make our UHC fresh and allow a fun experience for all UHC players. We are still in the process of adding even more scenarios beyond this list. Feel free to share your ideas with us!
Bleeding Sweets
When a player dies, they drop 1 diamond, 5 gold, 16 arrows, 1 cake, and 1 string!

Unable to see other player names and skins!

Killing & mining diamonds broadcasts your coordinates!

Upon the game starting, teams will not spawn together!

No Backpack
Players will be unable to use the backpack!

UHC Deathmatch Replay
You can now re-watch any UHC deathmatch. This new amazing tool gives you many options when replaying a game. You can save any game id and replay it using /Replay <Id>. If you are unsure of a game's id, then simple type /Replay without any arguments, and a menu will show with all previous games. You can even search for games by players, winners, and date!

Voting Villager
The voting villager allows you to vote to receive UHC coins and multipliers. Multipliers are now used to increase the number of coins you receive from kills and from winning the game. Multipliers stack, so save up your votes for the game you know you can win!

Your UHC Rewards
You can now see all of your previous UHC rewards! All of your giftcards are now saved automatically, forever.
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