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27th February 2021

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KrypticMC Developer
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27th February 2021


- Added "/Duels" command to the lobby (More detail below)
- Added an Anti-Xray system to prevent cheaters
- Added a new kill message to the cosmetic shop "Victim was put out of their misery by Attacker" (Rare)
- Added an ender pearl block along the world border
- Finally fixed golden heads (Sorry for the wait)
- Fixed glitch where players could combine in Enchantless
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes fall damage was too high
- Modified the loot that spawns in supply drops
- Fixed a glitch where only two of items would spawn in supply drops
- Fixed a glitch where books wouldn't combine if gathered from a supply drop
- Fixed a glitch where golden apples wouldn't stack from supply drops
- Fixed a glitch where portals could not be broken with lava
- Disabled crafting of brewing stands if the scenario is not potions enabled

The duels command has now been added to UHC. The duels command will automatically get disabled 1 Minute before any UHC game. If you are inside of a duel when the command is disabled, you will receive a warning message to return to the UHC lobby or you may miss the game. You can click on this message to be sent to the UHC server.


- Fixed a bug where you could do a lot of damage using a knockback sword on KoTH

Once again, thank you all for the help finding these bugs. If you ever encounter a bug or would like to request a feature, message an admin.
Not open for further replies.