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22nd May 2021 - UHC Meetup

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KrypticMC Developer
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After extensive designing and testing, we are finally ready to release our first minigame: UHC Meetup. Otherwise known as UHC Deathmatch, this minigame allows you to compete against 7 other players with UHC-styled kits in a free for all to determine a winner! With unique, yet familiar, scenarios and the ability to re-roll your starting kit, we hope this minigame will be simple, unique, and above all fun to play. We invite you to review what we have been up to. We look forward to seeing you on the network.

At the beginning of each game, a random scenario will be chosen from a list of 9 scenarios. These include classic scenarios that UHC players will be used to such as Headless and Bowless as well as unique scenarios such as Incognito. Upon spawning into the meetup arena you will receive a kit that resembles a typical KMC UHC deathmatch loadout. Using re-rolls, one of which is given to all players for free, you can try your luck at getting a better kit! Fight against the other 7 players in the arena to win. The player with the most wins at the end of each month will receive a reward!

Not open for further replies.