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22nd February 2021

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KrypticMC Developer
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22nd February 2021

- Reduced apple rates a tad
- Fixed durability on shears
- Fixed /bp not dropping loot when last teammate dies
- Fixed a glitch with the No Clean scenario, which allowed invincible players to continue hitting enemies
- Corrected the spelling of "Invincibility" in the error message when you attempt to kill a player when they have No Clean
- Fixed all issues regarding the loggers that spawn when you disconnect
- Fixed a glitch where nether portals wouldn't break
- Investigating an issue where mobs cannot be attacked in lava
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes gapples don't eat
- Fixed a bug where players could have killed their teammates if they logged out
- Fixed a bug with /kt where the team with most kills might not have won
- Fixed a bug where tab wasn't alphabetical
- Fixed a bug where the next uhc time showed incorrectly
- Fixed a bug with portals where coordinates didn't line up correctly
- Fixed a bug where portals didn't break when a block was broken or water was placed
- Fixed a bug where zombies were spawning after a player logged in and out
- Changed the way health is displayed when a player is below 10hp (it now shows as 01, 02, etc.)
- Changed the build height in deathmatch to 5 blocks above highest block (was originally 40)
- Found the cause to why mobs weren't taking damage in lava - currently working on a fix
- Began investigating an issue with arrows being blocked by the closing border
- Began investigating an issue where teammates on tab aren't mentioned first

- Fixed a crash bug where the server would stop

- Fixed an important bug where a player could do tons of damage on KoTH

Thank you to all that have helped with these major bugs! We appreciate the support!
Not open for further replies.