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18th February 2021 - UHC Changelog

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After a few successful UHC games, we briefly stopped hosting UHC games to spend time fixing bugs and developing new features. We are happy to announce we have begun hosting UHC's again. Games will happen every 17 hours, and will rotate between Team of 1, Team of 2, and Team of 3. We understand the frustration with our break, but we are confident the time spent making changes was worth the wait. We invite you to review what we have been up to. We look forward to seeing you on the network.

Major Content Changes
- Added a cosmetic system (/cosmetics in UHC Lobby)
- Added a currency called "UHC Coins"
- Added a web panel to view unique stats after each game
- Significantly improved the "/coords" command (Includes /coords <teammate>)
- Added a spectating system, which prevents spectators from leaving 50x50 (In an effort to eliminate ghosting)
- Added a PvP arena in the UHC lobby to keep players occupied!
- Added six new scenarios (Listed below)
- Added a logging system, which turns logged out players into a zombie (In an effort to prevent loggers)
- Added saturation to Final Heal
Miscellaneous Changes
- Fixed a bug where players could break natural blocks during deathmatch
- Disabled Nick Hider
- Disabled Replay Mod
- Added '/teams' to the UHC lobby
- Added '/chat' to the UHC lobby
- Fixed a glitch where players couldn't eat golden apples
- Fixed bugs where your teammate would not have a green tag
- Added '/kt' aliases for the '/killstop' command
- Fixed kills top not working sometimes (pages / 'null' glitch)
- Fixed glitch where EXP would immediately go inside of the player instead of dropping the orb
- Lowered amount of EXP dropped from gold ore and iron ore
- Staff can now see spectators using '/togglespectators'
- Fixed a bug where the anti cheat would randomly ban someone when the UHC game is starting (Thanks pios)
- Increased time before death when you leave the server
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the player cannot fly in spectator mode
- Fixed a bug where the player could not build in the center of the nether (50x50)
- Fixed an issue where all the players would get teleported to a random location when deathmatch started
- New rules have been added regarding UHC
- Fixed a bug where the player wouldn't get the kill if the victim died to fire or fall damage
- Fixed a glitch where the main UHC thread would get stuck
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes the golden head wouldn't eat
- Greatly improved server performance when game loads (Thanks Mytho)
- Fixed the random location finder to not spawn players inside of blocks
- Added a feature to make the team with the most kills win when the timer runs out (before it chose a random team)
- Removed random teleport when deathmatch starts (Thanks Mytho)
- Added Y:175 as a default height limit (Thanks Mytho)
- Added unbreaking to the tools in the scenario Hastey Boys (Thanks iBrunoow)
- Changed the way players are teleported when deathmatch commences (Players above 0,0 Y level + 40 and players in the nether)
- Fixed a glitch where staff could not view alerts in the lobby
- Mobs no longer spawn during deathmatch (Thanks iBrunoow)
- Fixed a glitch where the player wouldn't get the kill if they died to fire damage
- Added combat loggers when a player logs out or leaves the game
- Added /ores, which will allow you to view how many ores you have mined
- Added a team alert system, which notifies team members when Anvil and Enchanting Table have entered backpack
- Removed the ability for players to grow trees in deathmatch
- Stopped leaves from dropping when you shear trees

New Scenarios
It's not a memorable update without new scenarios. We have spent hours implementing new scenarios, which have been graciously suggested by our community. Below, are the newest additions. Each scenario is compatible with the current scenarios and will work with each team size. We believe these additions will make our UHC fresh and allow a fun experience for all UHC players. We are still in the process of adding even more scenarios beyond this list. Feel free to share your ideas with us!
Head Start
Helpful items are granted at the start of the game! Items include iron tools, food, books, apples, and more!

Mystery Scenario

Scenario is hidden from players and spectators! Players will have to play the game to figure out which scenario is activated. Who knows...maybe potions are enabled!

Announced Kills

Coordinates are leaked in chat after death! After someone dies, their coordinates are posted next to the death message. This will allow players to run to those coordinates to attempt to clean.

Combat Timer

We have added a logging system, which will spawn a zombie when a player logs out. The player will have seven minutes to rejoin the game in grace period, and five minutes to rejoin after grace period. If a player logs out while in deathmatch, they will automatically die. When a player is logged out, enemies are able to kill them. This system is to prevent players from logging out to avoid fighting. We believe this is a great change to improve the UHC experience for all players.
Cosmetic Shop
One of our highly suggested features to add was implementing cosmetics into the game. We are proud to share our progress with everyone. Firstly, cosmetics are effects, which make the game more interesting. They do not offer any in-game advantage. To access your cosmetics, you can either run the command /cosmetics while in the lobby, or find the Cosmetic shop located near the middle of where you spawn. Cosmetics need to be purchased with UHC coins before being activated. UHC coins can be obtained by purchasing them on the store, or cashing in a UHC code after winning a UHC game. Below, you will find more information about our coin conversation, as well as a list of the different rarities.

100 UHC Coins = $1.00

500 UHC Coins = $5.00
1000 UHC Coins = $10.00

UHC Coins can be purchased from our webstore, or earned from winning a game!




Kill Messages

Kill Effects

Victory Effects

Victory Songs

Lobby PvP Arena

We understand running around the lobby is boring! That's why we have decided to add a PvP Arena to the UHC lobby! The Arena consists of an island with many small islands around it, allowing a flat PvP experience for everyone. Each player is granted full diamond and some healing, which will be used to kill other players. Stats are not recorded in the PvP Arena. It is simply a place to PvP while waiting for a UHC game to start. While we will not be banning for teaming in the PvP Arena, we do not recommend using disallowed modifications as it will flag staff. You don't want us to catch you cheating before the game even starts, do you?


UHC Game Stats
Have you ever wondered how many diamonds you mined in a certain UHC game? Or perhaps you want to know how much fall damage your teammate took? Well, now you can! At the end of every UHC game, unique stats will be posted to our website. These unique stats are recorded while you play the game, and uploaded when the game is finished. Players will have access the following statistics: Total players, Game time, Kills, Damage Dealt, Arrow Accuracy, and many more interesting stats! Now you will have proof when you brag to your friends on your lucky mining game!
UHC Discord
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