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  1. QuaSee

    kitpvp damage

    I know what u mean with the damage res or not u can still get hit for a little more then it should. even tho i havent really fought with p5 yet i have watched alot of them. imagine a fight both players 8-8 the one hits the other for 3 as u say. 8-5 the next hit of the person with 8 that hit...
  2. QuaSee


    Could be possible to make them more often yes but 3-6 sounds abit too often UHC is known as a game thats like koth. and the longer u got to wait for each game the harder people want to win it. in my opinion atleast. making it 3-6hours it wont stay 'special' even tho I dont really play uhc so I...
  3. QuaSee

    Kit Pvp

    Same as josh, i totally agree with this. it annoys me more then anything at the moment! but im sure they are aware of the problem :)
  4. QuaSee


    10 seconds is indeed not nothing, but making it less isnt that good of a idea in my opinion. making it 5 could be too fast and 8 isnt a round number. 10 is just great, u got time to check the duel of wagers etc. u got time to make urself ready. -Ce