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  1. PistolPet

    ngolo ngolo

    ngolo ngolo
  2. PistolPet

    I may or may not have forgot

    I may or may not have forgot
  3. PistolPet

    Senior Moderator - 05/09/2021

    Senior Moderator - 05/09/2021
  4. PistolPet


    Hey Originally! Everyone wants the reset, that's inevitable however we staff don't know for certain when it will happen. We are only able to make assumptions and I'm making the assumption now that BtwImQuestion made an assumption and told you in April that reset would be around this time. Don't...
  5. PistolPet


    Hi there! I understand why you would be frustrated however I promise you that as staff, we do care and we always punish players for xraying. To avoid xraying, we've even added an anti-cheat which makes it incredibly hard for people to Xray. Sadly, however, we aren't always able to catch xrayers...
  6. PistolPet

    I asked random questions to people from this server on discord.

    You got thumbnail xD Thanks for supporting me by watching the vid <33
  7. PistolPet

    I asked random questions to people from this server on discord.

    Thank you very much :) I really appreciate it
  8. PistolPet

    KrypticMc Pvp

    Hi there! Firstly, I'd like to say that you are talking about the new season on here as that is exactly what we need to the forums more alive. Now to your points. Cleaning: Even though it is annoying when people clean, we can't do anything about it. Especially make it punishable to clean as it...
  9. PistolPet

    Kryptic mc reset

    Hey Bobby! Even though we are doing other things, kitpvp reset is one of our main focuses and priorities and in fact, even if no set date is put in place, the kitpvp reset will be coming very very soon alongside the multiverse subserver and in the distant future, the prison subserver. Have a...
  10. PistolPet

    I asked random questions to people from this server on discord.

    Hi everyone! I made a video asking people from this server random questions on discord and I would really appreciate if you took a look at it! Have a great day :)
  11. PistolPet

    kitpvp events

    Hi there! I believe bringing new events would be a spectacular idea as it would innovate new fun ways to play the game. I am able to say this when the reset comes, there will be a bunch of new content in KitPvP and perhaps a possibility of having new events. Personally, the execution of...
  12. PistolPet

    Keep Event Keys When KitPvP Resets

    Hey Hadi! Personally, I believe this is a bad idea. This is because it would heavily impact the economy. Imagine if one person saves up 30 event keys and opens them all up on reset day and gets 10 p5 chestplates, 10 p5 helms, and 10 koth axes (this is unlikely to happen but it's just an example)...
  13. PistolPet

    SwiftyPistol coming soon...

    SwiftyPistol coming soon...
  14. PistolPet

    Hi Swifter

    Hi Swifter
  15. PistolPet


    Hi Buitanol! I believe this is a bad suggestion as the spleef is designed to have a certain cooldown before the snow starts melting. If you can get snowballs, not only will this make the game extremely short (because the field is so small) but also this will completely make the melting snow...
  16. PistolPet

    Helper - 3/01/2021

    Helper - 3/01/2021
  17. PistolPet

    Everyones Opinions on the server (so far)

    Hey, What are everyone's opinions on the server so far? Personally, I quite enjoy it. Especially the forums, it's better than most forums. Hope you have a great day!