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  1. Maygito

    Best staff members rating (Top 5)

    1: Hadibell, he takes his job very seriously which is good 2: BtwImQuestion, he is very professional and deserves admin ASAP 3: Rigbot, He works very hard for this server and has done a very good job 4: Don Cheadle, idk i just felt bad if i didnt put him on the list 5: PistolPet, he does alot...
  2. Maygito

    Staff members rated on their cuteness (Top 5)

    1: Dylan Don Cheadle, This swedish man has the voice of an angel and quite frankly is extremely attractive. 2: Moif, His name rhymes with milf (I love milfs), his voice is just so cute, his mono brow is unevitably beutiful. 3: BTWimquestion, The drip is just immaculate, his taste in music and...