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  1. Champanye


  2. Champanye

    mod just never happened huh

    mod just never happened huh
  3. Champanye

    3 scenarios

    We've had serious discussions about adding 3 scenarios per game permanently, not only to create a different experience for the current community but also to potentially accommodate new Reddit UHC players (often Reddit games have 4-5 scenarios). What would you think of having 3 scenarios...
  4. Champanye

    Staff members rated on their cuteness (Top 5)

    pog except NOT SWEDISH:mad:
  5. Champanye

    Best staff members rating (Top 5)

    nice thanks
  6. Champanye

    Boxing events/other events

    i have a clip that says otherwise
  7. Champanye
  8. Champanye

    ioriginally is my favourite player and the best pvper on kryptic

    ioriginally is my favourite player and the best pvper on kryptic
  9. Champanye

    tengo hambre

    tengo hambre
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  11. Champanye

  12. Champanye


  13. Champanye

    Add Sumo To Duels

    adding sumo to duels is on the list of things to do and will likely be added with reset among many other changes. hope you guys are hyped for reset :)
  14. Champanye

    Sumo event and lms

    we have a lot of events planned for next season so sit tight
  15. Champanye

    Add friend / party

    these will be added when we release minigames :)
  16. Champanye

    Uhc Meetup

    After you die you should be kept in game as a spectator, if you've been automatically re-queued then that's a bug and I'd love to hear about how it happened and how you can recreate it!
  17. Champanye

    Kryptic mc reset

    the issue right now is that we have our hands tied with UHC and UHC meetup, we want to make sure UHC is fully complete with no issues and want to release meetup before we move on to kitpvp. another big issue is that many players have exams right now so we think the best time to reset would be in...
  18. Champanye


    Thank you for your suggestion! RigBot is still making changes to UHC, taking suggestions and paying attention to all of the community's bug reports, so thank you for notifying us of this issue and please do continue to make us aware of things that need to be fixed regarding UHCs. Anvils will be...
  19. Champanye

    fourth best senior staff member on kmc

    fourth best senior staff member on kmc
  20. Champanye