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  1. RigBot

    22nd May 2021 - UHC Meetup

    After extensive designing and testing, we are finally ready to release our first minigame: UHC Meetup. Otherwise known as UHC Deathmatch, this minigame allows you to compete against 7 other players with UHC-styled kits in a free for all to determine a winner! With unique, yet familiar, scenarios...
  2. RigBot

    17th May 2021

    17th May 2021 UHC - Fixed a glitch where you weren't able to '/stats' when you changed your name - Changed some items in Loot Crates for a better balance - Fixed tons of bugs with Vein Miner KitPvP - Added several new aliases ('/sapwn', '/spanw', '/pot', '/cc') - Added '/stats' & '/level' to...
  3. RigBot

    7th May 2021

    7th May 2021 UHC - Added 3 new scenarios (Loot Crates, Voting Scenario, Vein Miner) - Implemented wager system (players can vote who they think will win) - Changed 0, 0 spawn generation to vanilla - Disabled Lunar Client's new Replay Mod - Added some new cosmetics to the UHC store - Fixed a...
  4. RigBot

    19th April 2021

    19th April 2021 UHC - Reduced deathmatch time by 5 Minutes - Added rod critting (1.5x Damage) - Fixed random glitch where player's team wouldn't go away when they died - Changed some things in the lobby - Fixed hunger not regening on Final Heal scenario - Fixed Duels menu not working - Fixed...
  5. RigBot

    27th February 2021

    27th February 2021 UHC - Added "/Duels" command to the lobby (More detail below) - Added an Anti-Xray system to prevent cheaters - Added a new kill message to the cosmetic shop "Victim was put out of their misery by Attacker" (Rare) - Added an ender pearl block along the world border - Finally...
  6. RigBot

    22nd February 2021

    22nd February 2021 UHC - Reduced apple rates a tad - Fixed durability on shears - Fixed /bp not dropping loot when last teammate dies - Fixed a glitch with the No Clean scenario, which allowed invincible players to continue hitting enemies - Corrected the spelling of "Invincibility" in the...
  7. RigBot

    18th February 2021 - UHC Changelog

    After a few successful UHC games, we briefly stopped hosting UHC games to spend time fixing bugs and developing new features. We are happy to announce we have begun hosting UHC's again. Games will happen every 17 hours, and will rotate between Team of 1, Team of 2, and Team of 3. We understand...
  8. RigBot

    2nd February 2021

    2nd February 2021 UHC - Disabled Replay Mod - Disabled NickHider Mod - Added a cosmetic shop to the lobby (Cosmetics will be added really soon) - Added a web panel to view unique stats after each game - Added multiple new scenarios (Head Start, Announced Kills, and Mystery Scenario) - Added...
  9. RigBot

    29th January 2021

    29th January 2021 UHC - Fixed a glitch where UHC would double start - Fixed a glitch where the main UHC thread would get stuck - Fixed a glitch where staff could not invsee players armor - Fixed a glitch where sometimes the golden head wouldn't eat - Greatly improved server performance when...
  10. RigBot

    27th January 2021

    27th January 2021 UHC - Added '/teams' to the UHC lobby - Added '/chat' to the UHC lobby - Fixed bugs where your teammate would not have a green tag - Added '/kt' aliases for the '/killstop' command - Fixed kills top not working sometimes (pages / 'null' glitch) - Fixed glitch where EXP would...
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    All these features sound cool although we’re scared the pvp arena will have no players after this
  12. RigBot

    UHC Subserver Release

    Hello! We are announcing our newest subserver: UHC. Like our others, the UHC subserver is fairly similar to MCCentrals, although a variety of improvements have been made. Major UHC Changes: - New scenarios (Added new ones and removed old ones) - Fixed PvP detection - Shorter games (1h 35m -->...
  13. RigBot

    Make Clan event wins count

    Are you asking if we should make every event count towards the clan koth wins and rename "Clan Koth Wins" to just "Clan Event Wins" and make LMS, Koth, and Envoy count towards the clan wins?
  14. RigBot

    Weekly Tournaments

    We're thinking to expand LMS event to the KitPvP server in the next few days. We might make the event start two times a day. Hopefully this would also help rookies get gear.
  15. RigBot

    KitPvP Envoy Event Update

    Hello, recently we have introduced a new KitPvP event know as Envoy. Information regarding the event can be found on this thread. Event Duration: 10 Minutes (or untill all chests have been looted) Chest Spawn Rate: Every 5 - 20 seconds Rare Chest Spawn Rate: 1 in 10 Event Chance Happening...
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    We have improved the Knockback within the last few days! If you still have any problems feel free to create another suggestion here on the forums!
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    Staff Application isn’t working!

    Fixed via DMs
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    Staff Application isn’t working!

    Can you provide a video or a screenshot of the specific error?
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    Staff Application isn’t working!

    If you could add a screenshot of the error message, that would help us a lot.
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    above is cool

    above is cool