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  1. UHC

    On the scenario "Enchantless" I think anvils should be disabled as this is very op and an unfair advantage to others. In my opinion this is very broken and I can see it ruining the fun of Enchantless and the fun of UHCs Have a good day/night -Josh
  2. Kit Pvp

    I totally agree, this should be a thing. I have been fighting people and they die to fire because they didn't have fire resistance and it was disappointing as I was trying to level up. -Have a good day/night Josh
  3. KitPVP

    Hi I found that sometimes when I try to throw items out to give them to people they just disappear and neither of us get them
  4. Minigames

    Hi, i was wondering the same so i talked to a staff member and they said they were going to add some soon!!! YAY! I cant wait to play some minigames. -Have a good day/night Josh