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    /ec in combat

    should the pit be removed ?
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    [IMG] hasta luego, amigo

    hasta luego, amigo
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    Kitpvp Ideas

    Very well said, amigo. you're hired :3
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    tengo hambre

    tengo hambre
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    Information A Guide to Help Achieve Helper

    ~ Guide to Becoming [Helper] ~ This guide will ensure that you will achieve the Helper rank in an orderly fashion with the help of yours truly, Vanks. - Reports - Reporting players ingame and on the forums is vital for your path towards the staff team. Doing so before and after your application...
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    Information How to write in colors (In Chat)

    How to write in colors (In Chat) In order to make your text colored, you have to use color codes. These are codes which have the symbol & in front of them. You can use these in chat or with commands. To write in colors in chat, you have to be Diamond rank or higher...