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    Boxing events/other events

    That could actually be a good idea I like it!!
  2. Blessinqs

    Boxing events/other events

    One “20” hit combo by someone who builds MAPS🤣🤣🤣
  3. Blessinqs


    HEYYYYY nice to meet you I’m blessinqs😁
  4. Blessinqs

    events on kitpvp

    yeah i understand you're point although that is the reason why we are bringing newer events next szn!! ofc enjoy your day
  5. Blessinqs

    events on kitpvp

    i understand the idea you have right althought having envoy spawn randomly is actaullu nice cause it gives everyone a fair chance to win envoy without having the same people who can stay on at certain time and win it constantly it insures that everyone has the opportunity to with in game loot at...
  6. Blessinqs

    I asked random questions to people from this server on discord.

    i enjoyed that and those edits fire ngl
  7. Blessinqs

    I asked random questions to people from this server on discord.

    That was actually funny af lol😂😭
  8. Blessinqs

    KrypticMc Pvp

    Yeah you see I do fully agree with that don’t hold me back for a lot of people cleaning can be helpful and is part of multiple servers and there isn’t much you can do about it but I feel implementing 1v1 spots for people to freely 1v1 would drastically help the server
  9. Blessinqs

    KrypticMc Pvp

    i would like to first say that i do feel there could be some changes in the new season to come for starters after talking to quite a few mates and people in game , ive heard that alot of people have had and do get annoyed with 1v1's between two people getting interupted i do in a way agree with...
  10. Blessinqs

    Kryptic mc reset

    i do understand that but i also do feel waiting to long , making you're players wait to long is honestly going to get the server to die out before you reset , you dont wanna wait to long then have players get fed up and quit so that by the time u have reset the server people have already quit...
  11. Blessinqs

    Shared Chests between duo's/trio's

    Personally i dont think this would be a good idea as i feel it could easily start/ cause problems in that and lets say you and you're mate get in an argument and he steals all the items and transfers it to his alt that would be scum and how would staff have to go about dealing with this , i do...
  12. Blessinqs

    kitpvp events

    thank you! glad to hear some staff agree with my ideas focusing on things the player base and possibily staff think is a good idea would be wonderful to have and also implementing things the players want could possibily bring a more people increasing our player base
  13. Blessinqs

    advice helping build the playerbase

    So i feel , possibly staff or anyone who knows youtubers could dm them ask them to make a video on the server and come play the server to try and help bring the player base up and in doing so could get more players to play and also possibily paying youtubers to come help our server , thats why...
  14. Blessinqs

    kitpvp events

    i feel like brining different events towards kitpvp would be much more fun ive heard staff have already discussed it but , it should be brought and that its more like a similar type of think with invaded where you can maybe when a /event host from the myth crate/ancient crate and that gives a...
  15. Blessinqs

    kitpvp ideas for szn 2

    okay so i was , thinking since you have eventtop, clantop, and statstop, you should make it that people get awarded for getting there doing so will of course get people to want to play more as they have more reason to sit and actually play the game , gives us reason to want to sit and play to...