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18th February 2021 - UHC Changelog

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After a few successful UHC games, we briefly stopped hosting UHC games to spend time fixing bugs and developing new features. We are happy to announce we have begun hosting UHC's again. Games will happen every 17 hours, and will rotate between Team of 1, Team of 2, and Team of 3. We understand the frustration with our break, but we are confident the time spent making changes was worth the wait. We invite you to review what we have been up to. We look forward to seeing you on the network.

Major Content Changes
- Added a cosmetic system (/cosmetics in UHC Lobby)
- Added a currency called "UHC Coins"
- Added a web panel to view unique stats after each game
- Significantly improved the "/coords" command (Includes /coords <teammate>)
- Added a spectating system, which prevents spectators from leaving 50x50 (In an effort to eliminate ghosting)
- Added a PvP arena in the UHC lobby to keep players occupied!
- Added six new scenarios (Listed below)
- Added a logging system, which turns logged out players into a zombie (In an effort to prevent loggers)
- Added saturation to Final Heal
Miscellaneous Changes...

UHC Subserver Release

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Hello! We are announcing our newest subserver: UHC. Like our others, the UHC subserver is fairly similar to MCCentrals, although a variety of improvements have been made.

Major UHC Changes:
- New scenarios (Added new ones and removed old ones)
- Fixed PvP detection
- Shorter games (1h 35m --> 1h 25m)
- Fresh leaderboards
- Bigger prizes ($5 giftcard)
- Accepting community suggestions

We hope all of you enjoy our newest subserver! Feel free to invite all of your uhc friends!

Official Release Date: 24 January, 2021 @ 1:00PM PST
Countdown: UHC Countdown
Wiki: UHC Wiki

New Website

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A website is a very important aspect of a Minecraft Server where players go to receive help with all things server related, apply for staff, report players, appeal their punishments and simply interact with the community in general! This new website has been designed from ground up with KrypticMC in mind. The purpose of the new website is to perform everything that our past one was able to, and much more!

- Submit A Bug Report here
- Submit A Staff Application here
- Submit A Youtuber Application here
- Report A Player here
- Report A Staff Member here
- Appeal A Punishment here
- Submit Player Maps here

Upcoming Changes:
We are still adding a few smaller changes to the forums.

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