Published by RigBot, 26th Jun 2024

As one of our most popular sub-servers on KrypticMC, we really wanted to make this season of KitPvP something special. This upcoming season of KitPvP aims to bring forward a handful of content (such as a blacksmith system, player arenas, new items, and much more) alongside some highly requested quality of life changes. This changelog will detail all changes, big and small, which players can expect to see in the upcoming season of KitPvP. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, June 29th, at 12pm PST!

KitPvP Release Date:
KitPvP is scheduled to launch this upcoming Saturday at exactly: Saturday 29th June 12pm PST. To view a live countdown converted specifically for your timezone, please click Here. As always, we look forward to seeing you there.